Work out of the day – Jan 30th 2011

Guys, today we’ll work on your back and shoulders. Many people walk around with rounded shoulders or a slouching posture. There can be many reasons that can explain rounded shoulders, but the most common reason is simply weak upper back muscles which leads to poor posture. Proper back and shoulder muscles exercises will help pull back on your shoulders, allowing for a much better posture.

Part I – Warm-up – Warm-up, please see sidebar.

Part II – Back and Shoulders Exercices

30 sec rest between each exercise

3 min rest between round 1 and round 2

Round 1 Round 2
Dumbell shoulder press 5 each arm 5 each arm
Lat bar or Chin-ups 10 10
Upright row 10 10
Bent over row 10 10
Renegate row 5 each arm 5 each arm

Part III – Work out of the day

25 Jumping lunges

25 Push-ups

25 Sit-ups

25 Sprawls

25 Dumbell swings Right Arm

25 Dumbell swings Left Arm

10 Man Makers

Part IV – Stretching

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